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Text Box: 							
July 12, 2022
To whom it may concern,
The Midland Town Board would like to address the on-going speeding issue in the Town of Midland, SD. As a result of the constant speeding throughout the town, a speed bump was placed on Main Street in front of the school, to slow the speeding traffic down for the kids that attend the Midland School and employees who work there. This was done with the intentions of keeping kids safe around the school premises.
As for Northwestern Avenue, that is a county road, so the decisions made involving that road are up to the County Commissioners. Although the Town Board appreciated the commissioner’s efforts to slow speeding traffic, there is continued speeding issues on other roads in Midland.
The town has ordered a speed radar sign that collects data to be utilized throughout the town. With this sign we will be able to identify the speeding violations in our community.  The Town Board would like to make residents aware of this as to slow traffic down.  The Town will be monitoring the data information that is collected by the sign and will determine if the speed bump will be removed or more speed bumps need to be put in place throughout the town. 
The residents of the town have asked the Town Board to consider alternative speed control efforts, instead of  speed bumps placed throughout the town. The Board has listened and would like to see the speed sign work to slow down traffic. The decision is now in your (the residents) hands – please help prevent more speed bumps by respecting the speed of the roads throughout Midland.
Thank you,
Midland Town Board
Carissa Zysset, Don Cooper, Clayton Fosheim